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Koner Food Product

Your best source for healthy and easy to digest agricultural product-Rice

Rice, a food staple for almost everyone is a great source for energy. India is one of the world's largest producer of rice and its biggest area is under rice cultivation. West Bengal is one of the states, where rice is cultivated on large scale and that is where Mahalakshmi Rice Mill is located. A proprietorship company was founded in the year 1990 by Mr. Priyabrata Koner. The Burdwan based Manufacturer & Exporter specializes in manufacturing Puffed Rice, also called Muri Rice, Kurmure and Murmure. Lalat Rice is one of its type we manufacture, which can be served as one of the healthy options for snacks. We also offer premium quality Brown Rice, Broken Rice, Rejection Rice, Miniket Rice, Brown Puffed Rice and Broken Rejection Puffed Rice; to be included in a daily meal. We sell our rice under the name-Trishul Brand. We have served many clients and Food Corporation of India is our major client.

Healthy & Hygienic Rice
with Best Quality

Health and hygiene are the topmost priorities of the company. We bring forth the goodness of nature in the form of mature and fully grown Puffed Rice Muri Rice, etc. Being a professional name of the market, we ensure to provide healthy, safe and rich in nutrition products. Every single production process right from the cultivation to processing is done using advanced methods keeping in mind the traditional procedures also. We maintain high level of hygiene during processing and packaging to ensure to provide the clients with healthy food. In addition to this, we also pack the whole product line in food grade packaging materials.

Our Process

High technology production processes to provide the clients with fresh, pure and aromatic range of products.

Export Rice

Quality and purity of the offered range of rice have assisted the company to spread the bushiness network across the globe.

Strong Infrastructure

Amalgamation of modern technology and techniques with expertise ensures the development of highly nutritional and pure range of rice.

Best Technology

Harnessing technology at its best, the company ensures swift and quality execution of the undertaken projects.

Our Products

Take a look of our wide product range

Swarna Puffed Rice

Swarna Puffed Rice is great in terms of nutritional properties, taste and quality. It is perfect for snack foods, and various food preparations. The Rice is light, healthy, and hygienically processed.

Lalat Puffed Rice

Lalat Puffed Rice is processed from excellent quality rice grains. It has good taste as well as healthy attributes. It is widely used in making a variety of snacks food and cuisines etc.

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About Us

We have been associated with farmers, who plant, harvest (cut, stack, handle, thresh, clean, and haul) and dry rice for us. We purchase the raw, dried rice, which is forwarded for milling in our rice mills. Our professionals remove husk and bran layers from the rice followed by its processing. While producing brown rice, swarna rice, the husk and bran layers are removed separately, unlike in case of white rice. The process include de-stoning, sifting, length grading, length grading, blending, weighing and bagging.

We assure that the rice is sufficiently milled and there are no husks, stones or other non-grain materials in the final rice.

Why Us?

Rice that appeal to end consumers

Automated task, which enables maximum efficiency & ease of operation

Quickly respond to client queries

Client satisfaction

Capable of processing bulk orders

Product Quality

As we offer consumable products like Brown Rice, Swarna Rice and puffed rice, we make sure that these are processed under safe and hygienic conditions. We procure the finest quality raw rice from the farmers. A team of quality experts is appointed to supervise the complete process, right from the stage of grain purchasing, removing husk till packaging. The finished Rice is checked grain by grain by the experts on the basis of its taste, shelf life, length of the grains, purity and nutritional value.

Manufacturing Facilities

From husking, polishing, grading, blending to packaging, the complete milling process is executed in our two rice mills based in Burdwan, West Bengal. The fully automated facilities assist us in efficiently transform raw rice into finished and ready to cook rice in forms like puffed and brown. We also provide the rejected and broken rice at low prices. The puffed rice is created using high pressure with steam. We pack our rice in the different sacks, which are customized and printed with the company brand's name, product name and net weight. The superfine sortex puffed rice is available in the sack of 50 Kgs. The packaged rice sacks are safely stored in our in-house warehousing unit.

What We Offer?

We are a manufacturer and exporter of Rice, in different forms, take a look of below mention forms of rice.

  • Puffed Rice
  • Lalat Rice
  • Swarna Rice
  • Broken Rice
  • Rejection Rice
  • Rejection Rice
  • Swarna Mosuri Rice
  • Miniket Rice
  • Brown Rice
  • Broken Rejection Puffed Rice
Key Features of Offered Rice

Take a look of below mention key features of offered rice.

  • Available in different grain sizes
  • Great taste & aroma
  • Longer shelf life
  • Free from impurities
  • High protein content and dietary fiber
  • Easy to cook
  • Easily digestible